Best Tip For Taking Care Of Your Crystals


Everyone enjoys wearing shiny, attractive, and real crystal necklace. These accessories make the owner show off their class. Ladies are the proud owner of these crystal necklaces on several occasions. The last thing you want to do is lose and damage them.

Many ladies are in confusion about the way of taking care of crystal jewelry. This article will take you through the best steps to take care of your crystal necklace. So. let’s get started right now!

Clean Them When Possible

Cleaning your crystal necklace is the key to its long-term durable life. It applies if you’re an occasional or everyday user. Any visible debris or dust particles can harm your necklace in the long run.

You can use a soft cloth or moist piece of cotton to clean your crystal necklace. However, we recommend you clean it every time you wear it off before storing it.

Properly Store it

These piece of art needs to be adequately handled with extra care. The best way to take care is by storing it in a case to protect it from rough surfaces and scratches. Also, you can wrap them with soft clothes before storing and cleaning after each use.

Wear Them at Last

We advise ladies to wear the necklace at last after applying all the makeup. It’s relatively easy to wear beauty products like cream and lotion without a necklace on. However, the oils and chemicals present in your products can harm your necklace. These chemicals are harmful to your crystal necklace and have the probability of damaging the metal and lining.

Although the crystal may not react with the chemicals, the metals used in lining or chain can react to chemicals in the beauty products. Therefore, we always recommend wearing the necklace at last.

Avoid Wearing Them All The Time

You might want to wear your most loved jewelry every time, but you must avoid it to save it from damage. Furthermore, you should avoid them wearing in activities such as sleeping, doing household chores, or working out. This is because this jewelry is not strong enough to tolerate strong jerking or movements.


You might want to keep check of your necklace regularly. A regular visit to a jeweler in regular intervals for professional cleaning and inspection is a good idea for your valuable piece of jewelry. In addition, we recommend at least once a year to review your necklace.

Though it sounds like a hassle right now, it can save you a lot of money compared to a damaged piece. It also reduces the chances of losing as regular maintenance keeps your necklace intact and robust.


These are all the measures to make your crystal necklace more durable and long-lasting. Crystal ornaments are everlasting charms, but they only need a little help from you to preserve their luster. We hope these steps have helped you take care of your crystal necklace and prolong its life.

However, if you don’t wear jewelry regularly because you don’t know how to put it on properly, you should look into it.


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