A Look at the Different Forms of Dreadlock Hair Extensions


Dreadlock hair extensions come in various forms. They are either human or synthetic, which are the main categories when differentiating these extensions. The colors also differ as well as the length and size. You can have them on permanently or temporarily, whichever way you wish. You don’t have to commit to the hair and can take them off any time, which is good. To know more about the dreadlock extensions, click here to find more info, especially on the different types of hair extensions. Below are the various forms of dreadlock hair extensions.

Understanding the various types of dreadlock hair extensions

Are you wondering what dreadlock hair extension to try out next? Or are you trying the dreadlock extensions for the first time, and you want to understand the basics to make the right decision? Whatever your motive is, we are here for you. We’ll look at three main categories of dreadlock extensions though they can be divided further into other types.

100% human hair

Many people confuse this hair with raw hair. They both come from actual people, but this human hair has gone through processing. It is separated from all its cuticles, dyed, and covered with a silicone layer. The additions make the hair flowy and easy to maintain. This human hair is cheaper than virgin hair and better than synthetic hair dreadlocks. Its longevity lies between 2-5 years, depending on the individual’s natural hair. One disadvantage of some hair types is that you cannot dye them, so you must be keen on color and other specifications when buying.

Synthetic hair

These synthetic dreadlocks seem similar in appearance to the human hair kind. But, they have significant differences. They consist of fine plastic fibers created into locks. The high-quality synthetic locs look better than low-quality ones and can match several hair textures. The dreadlock hair extensions are the cheapest type and come in various colors. Their colorful nature attracts buyers. They are perfect for short-term or long-term use before switching to another color.

Remy hair

Remy’s hair is another form of human hair. It is sourced from actual people and then sold without processing. It also has its cuticle intact and facing one direction. Dreadlocks created from this hair have good quality and come at a higher fee than others. Unlike most 100% human hair locs, you can color these dreads as you please because of their rawness. With time, Remy hair fades and lightens, which shouldn’t worry you. It’s common for natural hair to do that, and it’s still beautiful. They require little maintenance and can last more than five years.

Bottom line

The various dreadlock hair extensions give you options to create your perfect look. Go for the most suitable based on your needs; i.e., dreadlocks hair extensions are now the best option for many. Synthetic locs are more affordable and have vast color ranges. 100% human hair is also a great choice if you want long-lasting extensions. Whichever extension type you select, consider your natural hair and the period you plan on having it on.


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