Everything You Should Know About a 4X4 Lace Wig


You get to your hairstylist and discover that your hairline is no good. The rest of the hair is no good as you can barely style it to hide the bald parts. You finally get a solution, a sew-in weave to protect your hair and give you a new style. You want it to look as natural as possible, and so you need a frontal that will keep everything as sleek as possible.

A 4×4 lace wig┬áis your best bet if you want to make the most of your weave and enjoy a natural-looking hairdo. With the help of a stylist, you can create a chick look that will serve you while giving you maximum benefits of human hair.

What is a 4X4 Lace Wig?

A 4X4 lace wig is a type of hair that attaches to the base of a wig. The lace in horseshoe shape holds the human hair knots and can be in the middle of the head. The frontal is perfect for many styles, and it is versatile enough to pass off as your natural hair.

The lace wig lies flat on your forehead to create a natural-looking scalp and hairline. If you are experiencing partial or total hair loss, lace closure is one way to restore your confidence.

Since the 4-by-4 lace wigs are large enough to spread across your scalp, there is plenty of space for styling and parting your hair. They come in the best size since the wig is neither too large nor too small. Enjoy one with body waves, straight or curly, among other styles.

Benefits of a 4X4 Lace Wig


Since it is a product of high-quality material, you can process the hair and work it into your desired style. The wig can take on heat and hair dye, meaning that you can use it for different styles. Part it in any direction and recreate different looks. Additionally, its nature and flexibility make it a superb choice for women from all walks of life.

Easy to Install

The lace frontal is easy to install since it is ready to use and blends right into your scalp. It is readily plucked and set to put in place. A hairstylist can still guide you on what to do if you feel intimidated by the hair. Proper installation matters and ensures that the wig stays in excellent shape all through.

Creates a Beautiful Hairline

The 4X4 wig creates a beautiful hairline that you desire. Protect your existing hairline with the perfect wig that blends into your skin and mimics your scalp. The frontal wig will boost your confidence. No doubt, your hair will be stunning throughout without any strain on your natural hair.

Buy a 4×4 Lace Wig

Get yourself a 4×4 lace wig at Lollyhair.com, and wave goodbye to bad hair days. We have a selection of lace wigs to match your preferences and style. Also, enjoy the best virgin human hair for easy styling and keep up with the latest hair trends.


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