How important it is to winterize your pressure washer


Pressure washers can come in a lot of different shapes, sizes and there are three main types of pressure washers that can exist at the same time. One is the electric pressure washer, which is typically used in homes and for lighter tasks. The second type is the gas pressure washer, which is used in heavier tasks such as in homes that have been lived in for decades. The third type is the battery-powered pressure washer which is a lot more budget-friendly and compact.

With the different utilities also comes a lot of responsibility. Although pressure washers are expensive, they can truly be an excellent support to people who are unable to dedicate hours out of their busy days to clean the outside of their homes. For that reason, many people depend on pressure washers to do the heavy cleaning for them.

Not only are pressure washers ready hand, but they can also last you a long time, sometimes not only years but decades on end. So, when it comes to lasting this long, it is common knowledge to ensure that you do everything in your willpower to make sure that your pressure washer does not get ruined.

So, when summer comes to an end and you need to winterize your pressure washers, why should you even pressurize them? Let’s get started!

Risks of not winterizing

One of the biggest risks that come attached with not winterizing your gas or electric pressure washer is that if you keep your pressure washer alone if there is any water that is left alone in the system, it can freeze over. Everyone who knows basic physics knows that once water is turned into ice, it expands.

If this water is left frozen, it will absolutely cause the inner seals of your pressure washer to burst open, which can ruin the inside protection layer of the pressure washer. Every other functional part of the pressure washer is always at risk when frozen water comes into contact with it.

Another major risk that comes with not winterizing your pressure washer is that if it is left untreated, the natural mineral content that is in the tank will start to collect in the hose, seals, and the tank itself. This will turn into the process of calcification, and the harder your water is, the faster the calcification will take place.

Next, if you are someone who uses a gas pressure washer, then you should know that gas does not stay fresh for longer periods of time. After about 30 days of not using it or rinsing it out, it will go stale, or in other words, you will have a lot more difficulty trying to get your pressure washer started as the gas would have gone rogue. It can also massively damage the engine itself, or it can completely destroy the pressure washer and it can just simply not start.

Parting words

So say, these are some of the biggest reasons that you should winterize your pressure washers.


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