How to Know When Your Roll Up Door Springs Are Bad


How to know when you need a garage door spring replacement is crucial to any owner. A garage usually has a roll up design to help manage space and ensure maximum security. These door types are usually unique, and anyone who owns it will prefer to have them for as long as possible. Fortunately, garage doors are great door options that last for an extended period. These doors will stay for as long as you need them if you maintain them properly. The door may stay long, but the spring controlling the door will not stay so long. At one point or the other, you will need to change the torsional springs at the top of the garage door. The question now is, when do you change the torsional springs.

The answer to that question is simple and obvious; any time, it goes wrong. It is on you as the owner and frequent user of your garage doors to know when the doors are faulty. Already, the garage door will show signs of aging as time goes on. Since the springs are one of the most frequently used parts of the garage doors, they are the prime suspect when you have an aging garage door. When your door gives you signs of wear and tear, adjusting the garage springs may be an easy fix. You can do that on your own, but it is always better to call an expert for a more accurate troubleshooting and solution. When the springs go bad finally, it is usually great to call an expert. You should not try fixing the springs on your own, and if not, you may end up spoiling the door or injure yourself. Mostly, that is because you hardly have the right tools to use as a fix. If you call an expert without the springs going completely bad, you will need to pay for their time. Therefore, it is better to confirm if the springs are bad first. Here is how to confirm if the springs of your garage doors are bad;

The door starts being hard to open

Whether you are opening the roll up door with a remote control or opening it manually, the door should require very little force to open. For the remote, if you have to press the remote multiple times or pull with a lot of pressure, it means your springs have an issue.

The door makes a different sound while opening

When you buy a roll up door, there is a type of sound the door makes when you are opening and closing it. Over time, this sound will change, but the change needs not be drastic. If you hear a very strange sound at any point, it is a clear indication that the springs have a big issue.

The door adds some weight

While you are raising and opening the door, there is a specific force you need to carry the door. If you notice that the door feels heavier, it means that the springs may be too weak to lift the door.


Other signs of your spring needing repair include the door closing abruptly because when the springs are weak, the door never stays firm halfway.


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