Human Hair VS Synthetic Hair


Wigs come in different colors, styles,  sizes, and brands. The fact that we are always presented with a wide range of options so that everyone can browse and pick the one that fits their choice is amazing. There are so many factors determining the kind of wig we want to buy. Some of it includes the style, color, requirement of maintenance, but most importantly, the quality of the wig itself.

There are two main types of wigs/hair: synthetic and human hair—each of these having their advantages and disadvantages accrued with them. Knowing the difference between both helps us make our decision to choose between these two hair types. In this article, we will be helping you in your decision-making by discussing the differences between these two hair types by talking about the pros and cons of the qualities they possess.

Differences Between Synthetic Hair and Human Hair

1) Texture: In our quest to look good,  we tend to look for the best to give us the maximum utility we need from a product. The texture is a thing to look out for when we want to get a wig, and human hair is known to be the best when it comes to texture, as it looks exactly like normal hair. Synthetic hair also has a good texture but is not as good as human hair.

2) Lifespan: This is one of the major criteria to note when deciding on the wig to get. When considering that human hair is the best bet as it is known for longevity. Everyone wants to get the value of their money in terms of a product standing the test of time while giving the desired satisfaction.

3) Color Variation: We all have different choices of how we want to look. As stated earlier in this article, wigs come in different colors, and everyone has the color peculiar to them. In this light, many people try and reduplicate colors of their choice, but human hair does not make that easy as it is difficult to replicate. For instance, a burgundy lace front wig will be difficult to replicate as human hair.

4) Cost: We all make choices according to the money at hand while deciding what’s best for ourselves. When deciding on what wig to go for, we should know that human hair is more expensive as it is made from real hair. Unlike synthetic hair, it is less expensive than a human hair. So when we go for a good quality of synthetic hair, it is more cost-effective.

5) Maintenance: The after-the-cost of every product should be considered before making a purchase,  and it should also be considered when purchasing a wig. Human hair tends to have high maintenance costs, as it needs to be washed regularly, and different hair products are required to make it look good as it is when purchased. Unlike synthetic hair, it has a low maintenance cost as it requires less care.


Making a choice should not be a difficult task if we all know what we want and what to look out for when making a choice. With all these differences considered, choosing for ourselves should become an easier task to carry out.


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