Use Natural Blotting Papers to Make Your Skin Look Radiant: Charcoal Bamboo Lifts Face Oil like a Charm


If you are a big fan of makeup, you won’t fancy stepping out with a shiny face. An oily face without makeup doesn’t look glamorous either. Mattifying primers can make a difference, but they come with side effects. When you are not dealing with painful acne, you are struggling with breakouts on your chin, forehead, and nose. Compact powders may seem to be your go-to lifesaver, but they deposit residues. So now you are left wondering what to do.

You can’t give up on yourself yet. There is one excellent product compatible with virtually all skin types left. Natural blotting papers with a touch of bamboo, hemp pulp, or rice powder work wonders. They are a dap hand at tackling sweat and excess oil quickly. The humble sheets beat to powder and setting spray to set makeup and soaking oil.

Dermatologists and red carpet stylists swear by it to keep sebum oil at bay. In particular, stylists trust it to keep makeup in place, so you don’t have to retouch when the heat hits mercilessly on you.

It’s a new addition to the world of makeup, but you can download┬átraining videos to educate yourself on using them effectively. You will learn how to tweak it and excel in giving your skin a matte look amidst a busy schedule.

Use natural blotting paper with a hint of bamboo charcoal to set your makeup

Your typical makeup regime would be using powder to line up your creams and finishing with a spray. This procedure looks perfect at face value, but it doesn’t last. You’ll need to add layers to enhance your makeup as the day progresses.

Looking at the natural blotter carefully, you will notice that it incorporates highly absorbent bamboo charcoal that handles oil and sweat perfectly well. Dab it gently on the face to remove any oil or moisture that might be lingering around to prevent chances of cakey appearance. Besides that, it keeps your makeup in place long enough.

Natural blotting papers have excellent absorbing ingredients suitable for all genders

Scientifically, men secrete more oil than women. Synthetic blotters may not be effective because they soak up little crude and the shiny face resurfaces quickly. Natural blotting sheets suffice to mop up a significant amount of sweat while maintaining the skin’s moisture. Even more, ingredients like charcoal and abaca are super cleansers because they suck a lot of oil better than other brands.

Two rounds of face washing are sufficient for oily skin. Do one in the morning and wrap up the day with a quick wash in the evening. That way, you are keen to preserve your skin’s moisture content. And during the day, you can stay ahead of the sweat by dabbing your face with a few sheets.

Natural blotting papers do it better than skin toners

Now, the cleverest way to bring your skin’s PH to a desirable balance starts right after cleansing. A vital absorbent item, natural blotting paper preferably sucks out the oil to keep your skin a smooth finish that you can wear throughout the day. Choose a natural blotter over a toner because the latter has low absorption strength and packs alcoholic-based surfactants sometimes.

Furthermore, natural blotters feature organic linen that is friendly to the skin. It means you can mop your skin repeatedly without pricking it. Although you may not require repeat blotting, one in the middle of the day does not hurt.


Dabbing your face is healthier than frequent washing. It is even merrier when you opt for natural products. They pack a considerable sucking power without compromising your skin’s moisture content. As if that is not enough, the single-use recommendation is ideal for preventing a build-up of bacteria, bonus to the skin pores.


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